About us

Our main task is to demonstrate, how much we are able to predict and prevent submersion of basements in Mlékojedy, caused by torrential rainfalls or flash floods. The research must be practicing outdoor, so we asked company EKOHYDROGEO Žitný, which is ideal for this project. Close cooperation with this company is critical for us, mainly because of technical equipment. For three years we will measure around Labe and sandpit in Mlékojedy, to find out the dependence underground water level on level of Labe.
Whole project will culminate in June 2018 in Bolsward, by final presentation all participating schools. It will be with attendance of media, companies and other subjects. Results of international student cooperation will be new professional experiences and knowledge how to better exploit water, and mainly, how to protect it. Plus, the big benefit of this project will be findig new friends, meeting new people and establishing personal relationships. Also informal teamwork of students and teachers, and work outside will be pleasent improvement of school drill.